Andrew Garrett

Real Estate Developer, Canada, Toronto

Andrew has a background in real estate development, and he was looking to use his skills to help people in the nonprofit field to create better spaces for their employees and programs. He had experience running live weekend workshops, but they cost him way too much time away from family. He’d even spent 2 years working on his course, yet he still wasn’t breaking even. Through the Course Builder’s Laboratory, Andrew reached his pilot goal of 15 students, and now has a strong foundation to scale up his dream of having an impact while maintaining a life, family, and full-time career.

“Initially, a very low response for my pilot, and I wasn’t sure whether I had enough of an audience to go forward with it. But by going through the Course Builder Lab methodology, I started using a bit more of a structured email campaign, and had a number of one-on-one conversations, and was able to build it to my target level. I had over 15 paid students! And maybe a couple weeks before, I had one or two…”