Kathy Goughenour

Coach and Trainer for Virtual Assistants,

Kathy Goughenour is a business coach and trainer for virtual assistants. She was working alone, putting in 12-14 hour days, working both as a virtual assistant and also building her training program. She built her first course all by herself, just guessing what people wanted, and developed the whole program without earning any money. After joining Course Builder’s Laboratory, she was no longer alone, quickly got 16 people into her pilot course, and earned money while developing the program. Now, she is able to charge $5,000 for the course, but more importantly, she finds fulfillment in the knowledge that her students are empowered to make a livelihood working from home as virtual assistants.

“So the biggest difference is that I was doing it all alone in the beginning, really kinda guessing, and not earning any money, versus afterwards—I was no longer alone, I had 16 people who were helping me build it, and I earned money while developing the program.”