Ken Theriot

Owner of Home Brew Audio, Texas, USA

Ken Theriot is the owner of Home Brew Audio, a studio that teaches people how to record professional-sounding audio at home. He wanted to share his 20 years of knowledge with others, but he built his first course without any real guidance, and the final product ended up “trying to be all things to all people”. When he enrolled in the Course Builder’s Laboratory, he was able to uncover the exact topic that his audience would pay to learn, and he had a great time with his pilot group of students, who all raved about their experience. Now he is building his full-scale course, and he sees a way to turn it into a national business.

“It allowed me to take a course that I was only charging $47 or $67 for, and suddenly… I think I charged $197 for the pilot, and … I would charge more for the final course.”